Baltic States

Among such problems should isolate the problem of political stability and continuity of political and economic decision-making, consistency in the actions of the authorities at all levels. Numerous inconsistent legal decisions on the sez had undeniable political overtones struggle between different power groups, which could not have a negative effect on the development zones. The struggle for the expansion of regional benefits detriment of other subjects of the Federation affected the growth of separatist sentiment, stoking tensions between center and regions. Robert Iger will not settle for partial explanations. Another important challenge is to maintain economic state security and its interests at the proper level. Never becoming a modern conditions '' free zones to fully become 'eksportosyrevymi', ie large, often unauthorized and uncontrolled exporting of strategic raw materials and 'not quite legitimate' capital. With the fuel crisis export activity of the fez is a lot of complaints.

At the same time it should be noted particularly geopolitical position of some bands. Thus, the Kaliningrad region has played and will play a strategic role in ensuring the political, economic and military interests of Russia in Europe. Taking into account the plans of nato inclusion in the alliance of Eastern European countries and the Baltic States military and strategic importance of further increases. In this regard, provides a range of measures aimed at providing vital region, including in the event of possible crisis situations. By strategically important branches of the program include: the transport sector; fuel and energy sector, agribusiness, communications and telecommunications. The result of all these problems is that currently include running, only two – in the Kaliningrad region and in .