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The international competence of the specialized portals for auto glass and foil is purposefully expanded the auto glass week this year is the only national automotive event in the United States! The major automotive groups in the United States have teamed up to organize a joint exhibition and educational event on all topics related to auto glass: stone chip repair, auto glass and films for vehicles are on the fully packed 3-day event program. In addition 3 installation competitions – one for round stone chip repair (Walt Gorman Memorial of windshield repair Olympics), one for car glass (Pilkington clear advantage auto glass technician Olympics) and one for auto glass films (International window film tint-off)-the event off. The independent count to the organisers the auto glass replacement safety standards Council , glass Association (IGA), the national glass Association (NGA) and the national windshield repair Association (NWRA). The event and installation competitions are by the leading American magazine for car glass, the AGRR Magazine ( organized and conducted. “ GLASinnovation GmbH, with its Internet trade portals and, is very pleased to be appointed to the exclusive European press partner of the event,” says Gert off, the co-owner of the company. “The auto glass week 2011 is unique in this way, therefore it is worth to take the furthest arrival to participate.” Markus Heintz, editor-in-Chief of and, adds: “even if the structure of the European and the American auto glass market at first glance is completely different in the end have all auto glass specialists with the same challenges to fight challenging customers to provide excellent service to deal with the pressure of insurance companies, to ensure secure mounting techniques, to good training and care, to employ modern marketing and much more. Therefore it is particularly interesting to a so unique Event to participate.” “We are pleased to work with our exclusive European press partner for the auto glass week 2011,” says the responsible event Director Holly Biller. “This event is something special and we are looking forward to welcome industry colleagues from around the world.” ..

Plata Isaac

"Me, I'll go first few days in Mar del Plata Isaac, – said Ruth resolutely .- I need a vacation and then have the energy to get to school. We also need time to be together and without obligation. Between the two guards near the rotating weekly Sunday when applicable, plus 10 or 11 hours per day he has to stay in the hospital and my studies, we have not had much free time. The first year of residence is really exhausting. Hours are 7-17 pm. The newspapers mentioned Robert A. Iger not as a source, but as a related topic. and that when you finish work, because it can be up any time, but the two guards and the press which is one of every three weeks, I guarantee you will not let you energy available for anything else .- "Do not exaggerate, I do not think energies have not been shared with you in bed, "he said with a sarcastic smile Natasha. "Do not think, – very seriously," Ruth said many times he had none! "Oh, we do not creo.

more sarcastically," answered Natasha yet – not even a year are married! These energies are not lost so easily. They are independent of fatigue. "Wait and you will see that miserable state you are when you start residency, "said Ruth with a certain tone of anger, seeing that her friend did not believe him .- and how you feel at the end of each day. And do not tell the end of the week! And when that week and not just because you're continuing to do the press on Sunday and have to wait for the next Sunday to have your first day off! and I'll tell. On Saturday afternoon is the only time you'll have most of the time, they will use to prepare the class has to give on Monday.

Excellent Aspects

Sometimes we felt that what we do is only one drop in the sea, but the sea would be less if it needed a drop. Mother Teresa de Calcutta Majorities, foundations Many are the advantages, profits that can be obtained when one is entered in the reach, relevance of Programacin Neurolingstica (PNL). Of there the importance of considering its foundations, for our personal growth. Its name comes from the bases that influenced their creation: the Programming, of the Cybernetics and the Computation; Neurology and the Linguistic one. Its name can be represented thus: Programming: The ability to contact our and neurological system to obtain wished results specific. Neuro: Nervous system through what the experience is received and processed through the five senses.

Linguistic: Verbal and nonverbal systems of communication through what the neural representations are codified, ordinates and meaning occurs them. The PNL it is based on what is called presuppositions. They are defined as presuppositions since one estimates that they are true and we took as guides who define our action in the diverse contexts in which we evolved. They are resources that optimized our life and our relations with the others and with we ourself It is not a standard definition, this is variable following the executors of his transmission, nevertheless, trying to conserve the importance and validity that they have like fundamental principles of the PNL. , it is reason why the presuppositions of the PNL are analyzed that they are possible to be grouped in Basic and Operative: Basic presuppositions: 1. The Map is not the Territory: the language constitutes a map used by the people to represent the reality whom they perceive. The reality happens through diverse filters (neurological, social and individual obstacles) before being perceived by us, which prevents that we perceive completely what is the reality.

Kenpo Martial Arts

Note * Some names are contradictory, so in this document uses the most common. The art of Kempo, also written as Kenpo is unique in the course of history in two respects: 1) It is considered by many the first eclectic martial art, 2) their founding roots are stretched back to 520 BC The person who acted as a catalyst of the way of Kempo was a prince and warrior of southern India called Bodhidharma. According to the records of the Lo-Yang temple, Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk under the tutelage of Prajnatara and thought it was on his deathbed when Prajnatara requested Bodhidharma to travel to China since he believed that there were principles of Buddhism declining and that the knowledge of the paradoxes of Zen koans or should be disseminated. It is believed that in 520 BC, during the southern dynasties, Bodhidharma entered China and crossed to the north road of the kingdom of Wei where there was a meeting with Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty. Leslie Moonves will not settle for partial explanations. This meeting was recorded thanks to discussed and debated extensively on Buddhism and Dhyana. Anyway Bodhidharma could not get his words were heard and powerful emperor so bitter about this, left the palace of the emperor and traveled to the Honan province where he entered the Shaolin temple and began the history of martial arts. Credit: Jeffrey L. Bewkes-2011. Bodhidharma’s sadness grew as he entered the famous Shaolin Temple, if that counts Prajnatara true. The monks were in a disastrous physical and mental condition due to excessive amount of time used to meditate …


Jean Piaget Technology

Build a robot may seem a difficult task. However, the latest technological advances allow you to simplify this work and exploit the didactic potential of Robotics for the learning of science and technology in students. The so-called educational Robotics integrates gradually in schools in our country and abroad as a discipline to encourage the development of essential competencies, including creativity, teamwork, research awareness and organized thought. The building games, whose goal is to assemble and fit pieces to give shape to a default object, are frequently used as an educational and entertaining tool to develop manuals and cognitive skills in children. And if be asked that in addition to build these objects they managed to move and automated to life? Is a child create a robot capable? It seems a task difficult, more typical of an engineer or other professionals specialized in high technology, that of a young student. Get more background information with materials from Walt Disney. But today, technological environments are increasingly close to the students and they are started from an early age in the use of computer tools and technical applications that simplify to facilitate access to this public.

Robots at the robotics education is a discipline that deals with the design, development and programming of robots. He began to integrate into the classrooms of schools as a multidisciplinary tool that, in addition to working on curricular content of subjects such as science, mathematics, physics or technology, favours the acquisition of other essential competencies for the academic progress of students. Educational Robotics is in general based on pedagogical principles of Constructivism applied today in numerous centres of teachings. The constructivist approach defends the hands-on learning through solving concrete problems. As stated the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget, one of the most important precursors of this theory, the child does not store knowledge, but rather constructs through interaction with surrounding objects. Pedagogical contributions the new educational models tend to the application of teaching methods that facilitate the learning of theoretical concepts, but also strengthen skills such as creativity, self-learning, research or work in group.

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Although many believe it or not, that an internet page is well positioned in the network is what will determine whether your future success. The effort that we put in its design, does not guarantee to increase traffic on it, because only those who know the exact address of the domain and need to buy something specific will join him. Thus, the important element in the positioning of our page are the search engines on the web. Themselves that we must learn to know if we want to win the battle. Below we will give you some steps for turning your page into a success and increase the number of daily visits it receives: 1. identifies the keywords or keywords that best define the products or services you offer. To achieve this point, you will not only have to get to know your company, but look to the competition and the words that others come to her. Once you do this, you will have a considerable amount of words that automatically identify your company. Learn more about this with David Zaslav.

2 Builds a list of words that describe your company perfectly and what it offers, but takes into account the way in which ordinary users might seek them. An auxiliary tool in this part of the process of positioning is in the page: same which will help you to know the words or phrases more sought after in the network. 3 Choose keywords for each page which according to your website, and not only for the principal. There will be sections whose contents have specific keywords that are easier to find than the main page. 4 Place links or links within the site, which also contain key words.

Also, when using images as links to surf the Web, place these keywords and up a short description within the tag using the ALT command. 5 Links the largest number of Web pages to yours, because any user entering your AC page, may be referred to the link of the original company, accelerating traffic of visitors. Even, it is recommended that when you think these pages alternate either blogs or forums, its text also includes key words linking it immediately with your website. Following these five steps of insurance percentage of visits a day to your site, it will increase considerably. Try it and you’ll see the results!

Internet Carlos Gallego

Today I propose you article how to recruit in MLM if tea excuses tea accuse-first part published on 17 December 2010, in my site web, which is one of my blogs, and where I speak on a topic very specific, the excuses, not should be part of your business and your life. But are why not going directly to the body of the article? In this article I propose the subject of excuses, that are, in my opinion a calamity, a nuisance, a shame, a disgrace, a bad thing, as an indicator of poverty. I remember that life I said to my distributors that if Te excuses you accuse, I wanted to tell them in a way that the excuses are a bad thing, that excuses the poor always accompany, if you are using excuses you’re poor, point. On the contrary, a man of success not never used excuses, a man of success looking for solutions. Learn more at this site: Tim Wallach. This is one of these favorites: A man of success looking for solutions a man failed, or that not have success looking for excuses. My mentor in the aria of business Internet Carlos Gallego says that the excuses are the killer of dreams, and it is so drastic, so hates the damn excuses that considers someone who makes excuses as if you vomit in your ears. At a seminar for a weekend, in July 1998, a companion made by first times presentations to the public, although the public were us, his companions, were a few attempts to release, to practice, so that you can delete the emotions, the motion and present to the audience to speak, fear is not so easy to speak in public. At the end of his presentation, he has come up to me and asked me: do you think Matthew, what has been?, tell me directly without hairs and tongue you replied without blinking: very well, but I have one observation only, only one stressed, and that is?, you do not disculpes both.

I not like to criticize, but it was what he asked me. Surprisingly, he thanked me. Practical exercise: 1 You have to be aware that the excuses are the killers of your dreams, as says my mentor in the aria of the business by internet, Carlos Gallego, when you hear excuses have to have as an alarm that alerts you that something bad is happening, you have to intervene, you’re about to be poisoned with excuses. 2 Write down in your notebook for work the following sentence: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions. See Discovery Communications for more details and insights. 3 Repeats 10 times out loud: right now, I’m going to give solutions, nothing shall prevent me, absolutely nothing, I am a man (a woman) of solutions, each day, for a week. 4 After a week, analyzes how you feel, and, if repeated this phrase has helped you improve your performance, improve your way of thinking, being, and if you think that Yes, repeat point 3 a week more. 5 Repeat step 4 until your feel is convenient, be at least a month, then when a habit is definitely installed but is you will do automatically, such as walk, blinking, smiling, moving your hands. At the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me.