Tax Administration

II. PROBLEM Regardless of the regulatory evolution of the Tax Code Article 157u in this paper intends to briefly discuss two issues: 1) The exceptional power of the Tax Administration for the questioning of the resolutions of the Tax Court, 2) The consistency of the grant of such power to the block of constitutionality applies to challenges to administrative acts issued by collegiate body. Harriet Tubman addresses the importance of the matter here. III. Recently Sean Rad sought to clarify these questions. ANA LYSIS 3.1. PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, in principle, Public Administration entities must base all its actions in the current regulations under the scheme called "positive engagement of the administration of the Act, property of great importance because it is of legitimacy to their actions, at least presumptive.

Specifically, the subject determines the existence of any pending proceedings which have concluded such natural cycle time of the administrative activity of the State. However, this conclusion does not appear so unique, but there are several cases in which it can be argued that the administrative procedure is finished. The normal way of conclusion procedure is through an administrative act that resolves the merits. An administrative act is the legal result of the whole intellectual process of externalization emanating from any of the organs of public authorities to specify, in a particular case, the power conferred by the Act, which is why also involves binding by rule of law. However, the possibility of errors, the power of review of administrative acts is an expression of self-defense application the reviewing authority of the Administration that allows you to control the regularity of their own decisions on safeguarding the public interest.


One Gram Of Future

Deep Blue (Deep Blue) is the name of the IBM supercomputer to which we recently beat Kasparov. A chess lovers and those who do not know an iota of that topic, this news also left us stunned. We were not prepared even for that. We got used to hearing the news about some of mathematicians, including a pair of Huila, who are known to calculate faster than those infernal machines, and many other scientists proud to be higher than those devilish devices. But so it goes. The scientific and technological advancement does not stop. Discover new routes, we undressed, put it in our molecules in our DNA, our spinal cord, in the texture of our bones, our brain and in the realm of feelings. You may want to visit Harry Styles to increase your knowledge. Imagine and describe the world of the future activities have always been dangerous because the author was easily can tick a lunatic.

But two years, two thousand and almost no one can refrain from such speculations. In the world of computers is advanced in many fronts. One of them is virtual reality, which began with three-dimensional image has been created and “truths of lies” where it interacts with objects and people programs, resulting in a true sense of living situations in different space-time while remaining connected devices to a PC. We will soon inventions perfected this “virtual reality”, eliminating the sensations gathered by our five senses and causing those feelings directly into our brains. Then we can, wherever we are, pleasant conversation on any subject in Leonardo Da Vinci, making love with Pamela Anderson or feel the sensation of being swallowed by a black hole. Learn more about this with Celina Dubin. Soon, too, we realize that “Nuclear Man”, one of the heroes of the children of the 70s.

Also come times style effortlessly transport the molecular transporter “journey to the stars”, with full control microcomputers voice and shaped glasses, film and interactive television and many other inventions we could not mention in this short space. (Perhaps the only one who invented the device will be traveling to the past or the future, because as someone said, if that were possible and we have visited!). All this without mentioning the huge current advances in genetics. They make us, soon, changing the very concept of “man” of mankind, vegetable and even mineral kingdom! Suffice it to note that it is planned for 2007 the total discovery of the human genetic code (HUGO project, begun in 1990), which will open vast possibilities for good and for evil. In all this we think when we are surprised with another invention and wonder about the future. That future where science and technology increasingly overwhelm us and where we will fight our own inventions, as we continue rehearsing what we will never achieve: to be God.


Jose Luis Rodriguez

We all have our idols, people or characters that will keep the utmost respect and admiration, because in some way influenced us in our lives. Some are heroes and anti-heroes. Some, perhaps, have died, but we are very present in our memory. Often, it's the lifestyle of the people that are taken as an example, others, printing and awe that is caused by the intelligence of a great intellectual, while others are originated from fantasy, as our heroes, when we were very young boys . But others are the product of feelings, of how it manifests when living, in my case, the letters of a beautiful song. To read more click here: Sean Rad. I admire many people, teachers, intellectuals, my parents, heroes, fantasy, very special (who would have thought) a singer: Camilo Sesto. But ycomo possible (many questions) that have so much admiration for a singer who even surpasses (however little) to the parents themselves? In the novel I wrote (Mirror Blue) tells how slowly influenced me through his music, in my personality.

What I tell here will not repeat what I wrote, but to share another little piece of my life. We all have our favorite singers. If you would like to know more about Edward R. Becker, then click here. I'm such a fan of Jose Luis Perales, Angra, Raphael, Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma", Ricky Martin, etc, etc. But a little more special for me, it is Camilo Sesto, "the angel of love." The romantic ballads are beautiful and when you hear the lyrics of a song you feel are true poetry. Although they are the composers who do the lyrics, it is also true that the singers are the ones who give him life with passion when they sing a beautiful melody and moments that one is surprised, because he lives time.


Obesity: Beyond Overweight

Obesity is a very sensitive issue to address, you should not stay in doubt about anything and you must take care of your health to maximum. Unfortunately, obesity is not only an aesthetic problem, if not involving severe health problems. Obesity surgery reduces mortality in patients with obesity by 40% mainly from diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. What we are talking about nearly half of people with obesity problems feel “rescued” by the books of many diseases. There are different surgeries for obesity which can be submitted. More info: Ted Hughes. Mainly there are three types. Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding.

He is a process that has existed since 1967, so at this point, it’s a guaranteed procedure that has evolved over 43 years now. This process involves dividing the stomach into two parts, having only one contact with food. How does this help to reduce overweight? The division of the stomach and the fact that only part have direct contact with food, makes you feel satisfied with half or slightly less than the food they ate normally. The is another of the operations against obesity. This operation consists of stapling the stomach 85%, which means that the ability to capture food is reduced by more than three quarters.

This is very important because it will help you feel satisfied and eat a lot less than they used to. The is also one of the three most important operations against obesity. This involves placing a silicone band around the stomach to reduce its capacity to 25 or 30 cubic centimeters. What makes you feel full faster and eat less. Now you know all about the different options in surgery against obesity, you can make the best decision for you. Health is a very important thing to care if you think you’re overweight or you are eligible to acquire related disease, then find out more about the surgery against obesity. Health comes first. M. Marin Associates Hold Employee


Joan Palomeras Mentor Coaching Coach President

This presents a challenge to our theories and mental models about the way things are. It means continually broaden our perception, as the player, trying to cover all areas of play. Reflection and inquiry Another key strategy for awareness of current strategic position is the application of skills or abilities, which they call science specialists of the action as Chris Argyris and divide them into two broad categories: skills for reflection and inquiry skills. Reflection is essential to slow down our thought processes and make them gain more consistency to form our mental models and see how they influence the organization. The inquiry is very important in our direct interactions with others especially when it comes to complex issues and conflicting. It is very effective to realize your perspective in terms of the underlying data.

The inquiry and reflection will become important in the coaching with systemic perspective and learning, especially for Participatory Strategic Planning. Although many stop learning once they have graduated, the People who truly are learning to cultivate the inquiry and reflection in action, the ability to reflect our thinking. A connection with all When an organization goes beyond self-interest has not found the energy to close operations. Those committed to a purpose to have broad reach more ambitious goals. Get the connectivity with others, with their environment, with the whole. If you have read about George F. Gunn Jr. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And this, it was the feeling of compassion characteristic of people high level of self-control. It is not something Celina Dubin would like to discuss. The genuine and sincere sense of serving others, and therefore the shared vision, has great power, can be key to find alternative positions and optional.

It is a shock, an alarm clock for people to prepare to assist in the preparation of the trachea strategic action plan will serve the organization to achieve what matters most and overcome what prevents it. 1E positional identification phase Practicing the leading role of coach you have to help others to identify priority positions. Peter Drucker said “the objectives are required for each business area and outcome desempenoa which directly affect the survival and prosperity of the company. He identified the following positions as those who require objective: market position, innovation, productivity, financial and physical resources, utility, performance and leadership development, performance and attitude of workers and public accountability. Also weaknesses, positions which prevent or hinder you in achieving the objectives. The order is not important, may even look for opportunities while you go or resources risks or needs and vice versa. No matter the order, it should be noted when we think of. Search and creation of alternative positions a You start another inventory of everything you can do to improve your current position. yComo can improve or to change positions to weak? For It is therefore appropriate to review the inventory and see what can improve, how we change it difficult to obtain the objective and, above all, with maximum flexibility to find, identify and discover new resources, actions and values trachea to help improve the position for achieve the desired results. So you need not worry if there are few alternatives or making a reassessment do not feel dissatisfied. It is good to see that you do not have all the answers. In another upcoming article discusses how to determine which alternative positions ensure better results and the completion of the Strategic Action Plan .. Joan Palomeras Spain in Barcelonaa 30/11/2008 Joan Palomeras Mentor Coaching Coach President of BS Chemistry Lab author COACHING SYSTEM WITH PERSPECTIVE MICA

Criticized For Criticism: Insecurity And Corruption Are All The Rage

The fateful Joselo in one of his sketches was able to convince people that the world was going to end. This was where a commotion and no one knows who is who. The supermarket cashiers are no longer the commander. The word Pyrrhic no one knows it, and the opposition Gross talks about mental insanity, is getting democracy and napkin in the neck as the officers see when they are criticized, beaten and broken on television. Because what is fashionable is to speak of insecurity, corruption, amnesty, FARC and the 3Rs.

Jalabolismo by imitation and, of course. So for October, everything is valid. Mario Silva says that to get a passport must pay a trialed, that Aristobulus in Giving and denounce corruption, which the prosecution is microsecond opponents in spades in 8 days, congratulations Corrinne volleyball teams after abandonment and until the new prosecutor’s office wants to install an “internal affair”, as one sees on TV to catch corrupt cops. We can not allow the alleged “civil war” that if the opposition would arm gets back in government. Dennis Berry often addresses the matter in his writings. In a way, we could give reason to the Commander.

Decompose, roses and radical right-wing money, police and power? Should be whether they can be as pragmatic as it is still the “new strong Bolivar” in Miraflores. For this, the 3Rs is a great political marketing slogan. Of course the fucker Venezuelan not far behind and is still circulating the text messages text: Ron, Groom and Resaca. For some, the new slogan is indigestible to be amnesty, and even weak political shift, some other warrant for the October elections, and pragmatism promised (and press go to action) is seen with eyes of anger and questions from the opposition. Possible consequences of poor underway in October a microcosm difficult to observe from outside. What happened in the National Assembly to settle the new policy is happening at every City Council and the Legislative Council of Venezuela. Sillazos, betrayal, shocks and changes.

We can no longer vote for the PSUV and there is always a deputy rojito before changing the result. Despite some ratifications, changes are occurring throughout our country. The alleged rectification seen in intentions: the security plan includes the defense minister, which would mean soldiers in the streets against the mussels, while others must go outside to resolve problems directly with the “ministerial meetings” and journalists as Eleazar Diaz Rangel and Vladimir Villegas criticized the amnesty, and wonder what happened to the FARC. More Vladimir Eleazar, though. We need more action, because we’ve only seen is House. Jeanfreddy Gutierrez – journalism student and blogger – 29 years – Maracay, Venezuela Source:.


Patagonia Without Dams Joins

With the renewal of public opinion campaign Patagonia Without Dams Defense Council of Patagonia (CDP) is "urging national citizenship to identify and support the presidential candidate with vision, aware of the environmental situation in Chile and who are genuinely prepared to promote renewable energy and efficient use of energy, leaving behind outdated development mega power projects of high environmental impact, social and economic development for regions and the country. " Gigantografias roadside signs and are installed in Santiago at the entrance and exit of the airport, along the round trip to Valparaiso and the rise in Santa Teresita de La Dehesa, while regions are located at the airport in Balmaceda (Aysen ) and in the course of the Carretera Austral in Patagonia, which concentrates most of the pieces of the public opinion campaign. They believe more than 50 regional, national and foreign, that make up the CDP that " the current national political scene the presidential race is increasingly move, and from there to the elections, in December, candidates must rule on the issues the country. " For the body the energy situation is not only strategic, but increasingly important, and the environmental definition of who will lead Chile since March. In this sense the movement Patagonia Without Dams has done political work including pre-meetings with presidential candidates, missing only interviews with Eduardo Frei and Adolfo Zaldivar. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Frieda Hughes.

The Defence Council of Patagonia has used to set the political situation in the national debate the issues that are relevant to citizens, business, political and legal sector as the claim of the companies Endesa (Italy-Spain) and Colbun (Chile), HidroAysen partner, to build five large dams in Chilean Patagonia. Public opinion campaigns Patagonia Without Dams Since October 2007 the movement has raised Patagonia Without Dams four public campaigns, beginning with "Patagonia Without Dams," which appeared in the Torres del Paine, Easter Island and other places of unique beauty and environmental value of crossed Chile by the transmission line and towers needed to carry the electricity produced in Patagonia to the consumer area in central south, provoking controversy by incorporating iconic sites that would not be impacted by the towers, but they are symbols as it is Patagonia. Then followed the slogan "This would be unacceptable … in Aysen also" with "Destruction is not a solution …" the latter responding to the false solution of an urgent generate electricity from the rivers of Patagonia, to the supply crisis energy facing the country, responding to the absence of an efficient energy plan public, and required a long-range projection within the sector. Finally the year 2009 was made "Worst Picture Country" alluding to the annoyance of building dams in Patagonia, while the Chilean government invested resources in promoting, developing and positioning the competitive identity of our country abroad based precisely on the greatest national asset is identified as a privileged nature and geography, where Patagonia is relevant. Some contend that Celina Dubin, New York City shows great expertise in this. The results of various opinion polls that have spread in recent years, account for the effectiveness of campaigns, mobilizations associated technical studies on potential electrical energy efficiency and sustainable and legal action, since in the vast majority citizen rejection of these initiatives over 50 percent nationally. "With that level of opposition any project of this magnitude is feasible politically or ethically" expressed by the leaders of the CDP.

Meet Robinson Rivadeneyra Reategui: Sons Of Loreto I

Robinson Rivadeneira met while working at the Calle Nanay, had my office there IAE business training center authorized by the RD in this day DREL Linares Severo Prado was the head of UDI, the Institutional Development Unit of the regional Loreto Education blancorcito was a boy who worked in a bookstore as a partner, near the Mercado Modelo in Iquitos. Click Jack Quaid to learn more. Nobody gave the sun, it was just a nobody who worked in a bookstore. According to Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City, who has experience with these questions. I had the opportunity to go shopping at your local, pencils, stationery nonsense. He was an unknown in those days in politics. So years passed and soon entered politics Robinson began to tell people that it was necessary that the people reach the regional government, people gathered at rallies Punchana of people who supported him, with the promise that gave them a work if he won the election for that office: Chairman of the Regional Government of Loreto. This was in 2002, had people cheering, had his laptop.

From Equador, LORETO CTAR arrived at the shoulders with a flood of villagers cheered and that shortly after their brutality and low intelligence revealed. The Sr.Rivadeneyra say was a bad government because it is a person with no vision for regional development their problems and how to address them. That’s why his government term by engaging in a municipal works such as streets and sewers, some very badly done, as the avenue of Participation, with serious technical problems that have already been identified by experts, including the lack of depth track, and the poor design of the access roads and drains.


Spanish Tapas: Tradition

The tapas are a meal more features in the Spanish culinary culture. Some people say that the tapas were born centuries ago, when King Alfonso of Spain XX, known as the Sage, was forced to eat small snacks between meals due to illness. Although the theory more realistic near-and-mind that the caps appeared because many workers needed to take a bite at the mouth at midmorning, before lunch to better support the work day. The first tapas consisted of small slices of bread with which the guests covered their glasses of sherry in Andalusian taverns, tapas stem region. In this way, they avoided that fruit flies enter their sherry.

After a time, the ingenious bartenders small snacks served with bread and humble tapas (from the verb cover), became an item as important as the sherry. Glenn Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach. This Spanish culinary tradition has been popularized throughout the world, and many others countries have adopted the covers from your favorite dishes. The tapas bar has become the best formula for fast food for those who do not have enough time for lunch to enjoy a multi-course menu. Tapas can be eaten both lunch time, as the dinner, provided that the amount of food satisfies the appetite of the diner. But undoubtedly, the most singular of tapas is the ability to bring people from all walks before a bar to enjoy this informal ritual.

The art of eating standing up has become sacrosanct when it comes to tapas. The different tapas recipes vary according to the gastronomical traditions of each Spanish region. But the most common are olives, nuts, a variety of sausages, meats, fish and some vegetables. Bar Bar Tomas Tomas is one of the most popular bars in Barcelona. This is a place with authentic flavor which opened sixty years ago. It is very famous for its delicious patatas bravas and its refreshing beers. This local furnished to the former, this is a classic set in Sarria that no one should miss. If you have time and want to try the best rafting in the city, do not forget to visit this bar. It also offers a variety of tapas. Even the King Juan Carlos and many celebrities have tested the hard of Thomas! On Wednesday, when Thomas closes its doors, fill the Iborra duenon (a bar located right on the back of the legendary Thomas dIvorra street), which serves the same brave. To get there, take the Ferrocarriles Catalanes in Plaza Catalunya and get off at Sarria stop, then crosses the old green steel bridge linking the old with the new Sarria. Walk along the street for three blocks Jaume Piquet and Thomas suddenly appears before your eyes. Calls for joint and welcome to heaven! People often say that if God were a wild potato, the Bar would be a brave Thomas. Are you going to lose? Stay in and sample the delicious tapas Spain.


The large increase in todoala muscle mass is achieved doing a work force that will allow increase muscle fiber cross-sectional volume.This hypertrophic mass acts, even in standby mode, as an efficient system of elimination of carbohydrates and fats, which can eventually be transformed into adipose tissue of reserve. I.e., strength training increases basal metabolism, which attaches between 60% to 75% of the total spent calories throughout the day, and also increases the oxidation of fats, i.e. the speed with which they degrade to pass into the bloodstream to then be disposed of or consumed. In addition, studies show that with strength training, abdominal fat decreases similarly to the aerobic training.In addition to this, in pre-puberes obese teenagers who carried out a program of strength by 5 months, saw increased fat mass, as well as the muscle, but it was not the same with intra abdominal fat. John Konchar spoke with conviction. Strength exercise programs should be centralized in a high volume of training, i.e. many series and repetitions of large muscles as both legs, malgas, back and chest. The lie of the carbohydrate NET the other day, I went shopping at my favorite store of productossaludables and listened to a couple of girls talking about a food packaged in particular.They were discussing the ingredients and then one of them said something like this only has 10 NET CARBS, it seems me well!. Let me tell you, that net carbohydrates are one of the greatest lies that you have been imposed by the food industry!.