A Sea Of White T-Shirts

Two young designers create fashion label “partouZ” idea originated his own fashion label to set up from the boredom of studying everyday life. Philipp Wilbrink (22) and Daniel Limberg (23) have long been interested in the fashion world and also privately deal with the topic. By a previous internship in photography, Philipp Wilbrink deepened his knowledge of image editing. Together with Daniel Limberg, the two affiliated tinkered at first motives day and night. After you had created some designs, they decided to produce a first edition of it. Graduated contact Daniel Limberg gave to Asia and thus to the first production site. There he met a fellow student, which Bruder is active in the textile sector in Asia. The first collection includes twelve different designs on various men’s and women’s shirts.

Sporty elegance, as the motto of the two, should can be combined both to jeans and flip flops, as also to the jacket. To stand out from the crowd, they have deliberately opted for purist design. The style extends through the complete collection and this creates a high recognition value. The T-Shirts are available since the Jan in her online store (www.partouz-shop.com). (Www.facebook.com/ partouz) use the two, to document the development of the brand and interested the opportunity to give themselves to bring also Facebook. The initial phase was very exciting for Philipp and Daniel. At the beginning, it was not even clear whether the clothing arrives as expected.

After the first three months of business we are very satisfied with the development”, says Philip. Now they sell not only online, but offer their shirts in two shops in Dortmund (home design”and NEHA”). Both running very successfully, confirmed the sale of over 200 T-Shirts in three months that now it is slow at the time, the product range expanding. “, so Daniel Limberg. The young designers are good things that the summer will be a success. In addition to numerous promotional, promotions and sweepstakes is now planned to expand the potential customer base and to be active throughout Germany. The fashion label partouZ was founded in the year 2011. World famous motifs considered source of inspiration for purist design and unusual looks. We see ourselves as a creative component of fashion design and complementary adapt the classic styles. Our goal is to set new trends. We stand for modern art, creative designs, and boy, fresh accents. Environmental awareness is important for our company. In addition to the high quality features of our clothes, we wish to highlight our sustainable-chain as a USP of our business concept. We want to convince our customers with fast and reliable deliveries. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Reliable and fast handling of business processes are an important part of our Unternehmensphilisophie. Think you’re back in the lifestyle of partouZ.

The Old History Of Naam

Heading: The old history of Naam As to get rid of the problems of the life Text: II Kings 5:1 Introduction: 1-This is the first versicle that registers for us the extraordinary history of this man, Naam, commander of the army of the king of the Syrian. 2- This text is important because it in them portraies a picture of a principle taught for all part in the Holy Writs, and that it is of vital importance in the context of all the Christian salvation. The message of the Bible is only one. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Leslie Moonves and gain more knowledge.. Two Wills (to give details), a Book however one only message! has in the world some pseudo-scholars fools that if they say so practical and does not have time to read the Bible Theoretician is not a book simply It is an alive book Heb 4:12; Jo 6:63 c It they come to have accurately with us where we are for saying us which half the cause of our problems and which the only one for which we can freeing in them of them. The VT uses appeared language Heb 10:1 The NT is clearly and objective However in both the principle is the same 3- In all the Bible is clearly of Gnesis the Apocalypse that only has a way of salvation and this way is the faith in the lamb of God who takes off the sin of the world. Jo 3:16 Pablo speaks on this in its epistles Ef 2:8 The VT portraies this in the life of Abel; Abrao; Isaque; Jac; Moiss; Davi; the prophets and etc Transistion: This Naam man is a great illustration concernente to this fact: I The first truth that we get of this ticket is that the sin is something that ruins the life.


LAB SUPPLY: The Regional Laboratory

LAB SUPPLY; The regional exhibition of laboratory chemistry laboratory equipment to buy and the LAB SUPPLY offers free lectures the regional trade fair for instrumental analysis, laboratory technology, laboratory chemicals and biotechnology/life science (www.LAB-SUPPLY.info) to stay on the current state of development of laboratory equipment that professionals must operate a high effort. You inform through brochures, your personal network, magazines, lectures and receptions, combined with a demonstration of the device, or on large international trade fairs. For reasons of economy and efficiency, users wanted a laboratory equipment exhibition in its vicinity. The LAB SUPPLY as regional a day trade show satisfies this wish. Credit: Walt Disney-2011. The LAB SUPPLY presents the latest innovations from the laboratory technology. Also keep professionals of OEMs business presentations, for example how to enhance the efficiency of laboratories. Professionals from the fields of environment, food, and industrial analysis, biochemistry, biotechnology, Genetic engineering, molecular and cell biology, medical diagnostics and Pharmacology will find relevant contact persons and free expert advice. Calendar: September 09, 2009 LAB SUPPLY 2009 Euregio in the Technology Center (AGIT) Aachen 11 November 2009 LAB SUPPLY 2009 Ruhr at the RuhrCongress Bochum 27 January 2010 LAB SUPPLY 2010 main Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt 10 March 2010 LAB SUPPLY 2010 Rhein in the Forum Leverkusen.

First Big Business Portal

Here, Big Business is the attractiveness of the student target group is all too familiar. Students are newsmakers, future premium customers and potential employees. What is lacking still, are exciting ways of targeting. Especially on the Web, brands struggle with addressing the students. Traditional banner advertising work less and less. Advertising placements within be eyed suspiciously by student social networks, because these networks are based on a non-commercial self understanding. Studi.biz offers new solutions. Studi.biz is the first Big Business Portal for students.

The idea of a distinctly commercial portal, which gives exactly students and brand, both sides are looking behind the loud position. Students get opportunities in very easy way to make money or save money and brands get new communication and sale solutions in return. For example, there is a D3 program (deal D3 = your data), in which students enter their purchase requests and on they receive tailored brand offers with high Cashbacks. Or the studi.biz Academy contest: here, marks awarded creative tasks and students earn money and merchandise vouchers. Can also present themselves as a brand of the month on studi.biz and at the same time the Portal use during the action as sale platform for a special student offer. The charismatic businessmen Johnny & Rodriguez serve as an intermediary between brands and students. In small films, consult the students, introduce interesting offers to you, and go live on the campus to introduce exciting brands directly to the students. Learn more on the subject from Joel and Ethan Coen. With these and other offers, studi.biz acts brand emotional 360 communication, online and offline, and includes both advertise and sell offers. Photo by our four-Member founding team of the portal has been online since May 2008 and wants until end of year 35,000 enrolled and active users in the Big Business kidnap world. Important partners are the media partners FOCUS campus and Citibank, which as an affiliate off Mid-June on studi.biz presents entertaining and offers special student products.

Director Willi Hink

No matter whether a natural grass field exists or one with artificial grass featured, or whether for example District sports complex offers both types of game fields operators in its calculation and planning never the grooming effort underestimate. More info: Time Warner. He must rely on a trained Manager, taking over at least the maintenance. These include the sizing and cleaning the mowing, watering and fertilizing and the artificial turf. With recommendations for pest control, usually a specialist from the landscaping assumes the intensive care, renovation or soil analysis with its expertise and special equipment. The stadium world special is in the section care & accessories”an introduction to the topic and presents different priorities, such as for example the irrigation, lawn heating and the pitch mark. Explain in interviews DFB Director Willi Hink and Brigitte Strauss by the construction unit of the horticulture of the State capital Munich the relationship from many years of experience of their professional practice.

Both emphasize the importance of a good advice, when it comes to investing in sports grounds. The Stadium world-special sports turf”as a source of information and advice offers a free introduction to this advice. An extensive directory of providers in the annex provides the competent contact person for all eligible issues immediately. Contact: Stadionwelt schlossstrasse 23 50321 Bruhl Tel.: ++ 49 2232 577221 E-mail: Stadium world business is the trade portal for decision makers in clubs and associations, cities and municipalities, as well as for operators, planners, and event agencies. We offer solutions for all issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. News, interviews and topics Stadium world reported currently projects, products, and developments of the industry.

Management Audit Determinations

It could also include factors of production, namely raw materials, spare parts procurement, availability of manpower, provision of facilities, labor standards, and so on. Moreover, examination areas, among others, could include a study and evaluation of methods for forecasting: product planning, engineering project costs, estimated prices, communications, equipment and data processing applications, canals distribution of goods, administrative efficiency, and so on. Conducting a management audit can focus on the following: a. – plans and objectives of the company. b. Organizational structure. c. – Policies and practices. d. – Systems and procedures. e. – Methods of control. Walt Disney pursues this goal as well.

f. – Ways of operation. g. – human and material resources. h. – Measurement of results. Whenever we have defined what is and what the Management Audit and its scope, aims and objectives we can detail the problems encountered when performing the same in a company as well as possible solutions. Alexis Garcia Gilbert reminds us that the purpose of the audit are the aspects under which the object is observed. We can write the following: 1. Inquiries and determinations of the state assets. 2. Inquiries and determinations on the financial statements. 3. Inquiries and determinations about the state reditual.

4. Discover errors and fraud. 5. Prevent errors and fraud in June. General studies on special cases, such as: a. Tests tax and legal aspects. b. Consideration for the purchase of a business (asset sale). c. Review to determine bases of assessment criteria, among others. Types of audit: Yolanda Jimenez reminds us that the audit can be external and internal to the first notes that it is a critical examination, a detailed and systematic information system of an economic unit, by an auditor Public not working links with it, using certain techniques and in order to render an independent opinion on how the system operates, the internal control of it and make suggestions for improvement.