Newly Formed Board

Dr. Silke Arning, co-founder and Managing Director of Bruchsaler healthcare service provider sellxpert, left the company with effect from the 18.04.2013. Bruchsal. 02. May 2013. The withdrawal is effective since 18.04.2013.

Dr. Arning, who was responsible for the business development and recruitment departments, will in the future concentrate improving their personal projects. Dr. Arning’s shares remain in the company in previous shareholder structure. Newly formed executive management the previous agendas by Dr. Arning share with immediate effect the existing Managing Director Sybille Queisser and Volker Maile. In addition supports Dr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Joel and Ethan Coen. Mane Cudic, Marketing Director of sellxpert, Maile divisional for the strategic development of the recruitment department.

Queisser, which until now, marketing was responsible for the area, takes over from now on also the business development of the Bruchsaler healthcare service provider. The healthcare provider builds new sales strategies in addition to the already presented sales concept hybrid sales + continue on the development of innovative sales strategies. Sybille Queisser formulated future-oriented: the beginning was hybrid sales + only. That have changed since the introduction of the AMNOG the needs of our customers and developed, we must think further the approaches and be able to vary this demand. Sellxpert is in response to the changing distribution structures consistently working to satisfy the customers with new sales models. The Bowl themes from a customer perspective are here, so Dr. Mane Cudic short-termism and flexibility. The Sales Director and Ph.d. chemist with extensive market experience analyzes the needs from the perspective of the contracting authority: in the future we can answer the question of our customers after short-term vacancy occupation without long term by seasonal sales models. Here, we offer tailored, excellent sales solutions sellxpert quality. Fast and individually, but also with a short commitment period of 6 to 12 months. Owner-managed flexibility sellxpert proves once again due to the owner-managed company structure, that the service provider can react to market changes quickly and easily. According to Volker Maile a crucial competitive advantage, which moves more and more into the foreground of the customer perspective. We did it in spite of our sustainable and healthy growth of the company, to keep it short and responsive decision-making. Thank us customers in the ninth year of our existence more than ever before, notes, Managing Director of sellxpert finally on. Profile sellxpert: the sellxpert GmbH & co. KG is one of the leading healthcare providers in Germany and of Switzerland. The core business of the company based in Bruchsal is recruiting sales representatives as well as setting up and managing sales lines for medium-sized and large pharmaceutical companies. The sellxpert Academy, a Training Institute for field staff and Young Professionals belongs to the sellxpert GmbH & co. KG. To the customers include large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. The service provider received several awards as a top employer and entrepreneur of the year. Press contact: sellxpert GmbH & co.

Ecofriendly Paper Packaging

Lacer GmbH expands product portfolio to eco-friendly paper bags, paper bags and gift bags from paper. The environmental friendliness of packaging increasingly enters the consciousness of the customers. Many retailers, manufacturing and industrial companies place therefore increasingly on kraft paper and cardboard packaging. Therefore, the entrenched packaging company Lacer GmbH has reacted on the burgeoning and made of paper and cardboard expands its product range in a big way so far purely designed for foil packaging packaging products. The newly designed website can these in the clear categories of paper and cardboard “be viewed. Blank, very cheap paper bags and fine, coloured paper bags with matching designs for Christmas, children or any business occasion are now as an environmentally friendly alternative to foil packaging available. The classic use of paper bags in the simplest design brief packaging of food shopping. The high-order bags Paper made from colorful printed kraft paper with high-gloss surface are, however, often used in boutiques and shops.

But bags and bag prevail as gift packaging more and more paper due to the varied appearance and pleasant handling. Who today giving away a bottle of wine or sparkling wine, is almost always in a bottle gift box of kraft paper. This prepares the receiver with a beautiful motif, glossy finish and good grip cords twisted paper or fabric already pleasure while getting and revalue the contents before removing. Paper bags are in addition to the packaging in the main media, therefore are bright, strong colours such as orange, yellow, pink, pink, red, purple, light green, very popular neon shades. For retailers, manufacturers and industrial companies are also muted colours such as beige, Brown, Navy Blue, dark green, shades of grey or black to the selection. Lovers of the special can even silver or gold as the base color Select. In addition printed motifs for Christmas, children, business occasions or flower themes complete the paper bag.

High gloss, the surface of the paper bag is selected in most cases. Another possibility would be a structured interface through Einstanzungen, coated optics or matting. The new, original forms of paper packaging deserve special attention. So is the inclined customer Lacer packaging in addition to the classic pouches with paper handle or cord as a trapezoidal paper bag, concave folding bag with handle of paper or fabric cord, different bottle packaging or even funny dice with handle cord. The attention of the customers with fancy paper bags immediately be achieved with subtle colour scheme. Who is still not find it in the wide selection of custom motifs, you can consult the competent sales team in its packaging specialists to personalised paper bags. For example the own company logo or the customer can Have company slogan printed on and the colour design of paper bags rely on the corporate colours. Lacer GmbH, a free paper bag offer for the exact needs can be requested. Andre fuller

German University

Versatile and interdisciplinary designed as not only the demand is big, but also the number of competitors is growing, the quantity of qualified employees becomes a bigger and bigger factor in the industry in addition to the quality of customer service. Currently go nationwide almost 8 million people and about every tenth fellow citizens in a fitness and health Studio (DSSV 2013 figures). Companies that put the German University on the dual Bachelor’s degrees in the employee qualification, benefit several ways, as the Bachelor studies at the State-approved University or college combines a training and a correspondence course compact attendance phases. Then, students acquire already while studying 7 semester-long professional experience within the framework of their employment in the company. Jeff Bewkes is the source for more interesting facts. The training companies can integrate their students due to the high proportion of operational training from the outset in the daily operations and include early in responsible tasks. The students are at the same time in Able to create proprietary concepts from current scientific knowledge. Students develop and guide target group-specific care concepts in the fields of exercise, nutrition and relaxation that can implement sales systems and sales concepts, optimize quality management and controlling creating cooperation programs with companies such as apply leadership study progresses, versatile and interdisciplinary designed all Bachelor’s degrees are versatile as well as interdisciplinary and combine content from the fields of movement, management, nutrition, and stress management/relaxation in different weights. Through this wide positioning businesses can decide according to their needs for fields of study bring maximum benefit in the own day-to-day. Following fields of undergraduate study are offered: Bachelor of Arts in economics of fitness: commercial management as well as design and implementation of fitness programs for Bachelor’s degree in fitness training: design, Development and management of individual and group training range in fitness and leisure business Bachelor’s degree in sports economics: Management of institutions in the sport, including design and implementation of health-oriented offerings. Bachelor’s degree in health care management: planning, coordination and implementation of prevention concepts in health-oriented companies Bachelor in nutrition: nutrition advice supported movement and mental strategies in health-oriented companies and institutions also a subsequent master’s degree in the fields of prevention and health management possible. The course qualifies selectable areas of specialisation to the versatile prevention expert who acquires strategic leadership and planning concepts and strategies of health promotion, implements, coordinates and evaluated.

Business Act

Quality management there will be even more patient advisor, patient information, physician lists, etc. in medicine (doctors/dentists). The cost objects will recommend physicians or physician groups, with which they have concluded special agreements or particularly characterized its policyholders. Good doctors will be losers if they close themselves a quality management! This does not mean that the other doctors are technically better than others, but they can represent their performance better outward. Here, the practice transparency in the game comes because this attractive practice the patient makes.

Doctors (physicians) have not learned this during training, but nevertheless increasingly entrepreneurial business act as need to (not only responsive). A quality management system is an extremely potent tool. It is feared that many good doctors, who overslept this development (or consciously boycott) to the losers of tomorrow include. Who once has internalized the principles of quality management, will succeed with his company (practice). You are can assert themselves always in a health market, even abroad! Only if the changed conditions adapts itself, in the long run can be.

The Jammer and Boykottierer of today will be the loser of tomorrow. QM hieroglyphics QM-Darling management Latin… Professional quality translation help for doctors & zahnarzte successful translation of quality management theory in everyday practice doesn’t work without management knowledge. Take a chance, otherwise’re wasting time and money. The bad result will be a paper, high Fehlinvestitionn and an demotiviertes practice team. You must not do anything yourself! Benefit from our many years of experience in the medical field. QM in the medicine of the medicine! With us as a partner (translation helper) on your side in a very short time a economical quality management system. Karin letter (certified quality management representative)

TK – Systems Businesses Optimize

TK-equipment for the middle class. -New concepts of TEC NET Meschede, may 25, 2009. Again the TEC NET company is the page after extensive internal restructuring. TEC NET has further improved their internal processes to provide a still larger service. Some contend that Jeff Bewkes shows great expertise in this. In addition to the comprehensive services in the area of fixed-line and mobile communications, offering in the area of TK was expanded systems. In the future the TECNET GmbH will offer nationwide planning, installation and operation of telecommunications systems. Medium-sized enterprises are the main target group. TK-to design facilities for SMEs and extensively to support the customer GmbH, is clearly the strengths of the TEC NET Managing Director Jochen said Ebers..

New Business

The new business with Web design and also co. In this day and age can be detected quickly, that in addition to the various shops that are available offline, the market expands, if the Internet can be used as a paragraph. So that will include in addition to the various possibilities for the Web design also the legal guidelines, for customers of but also of the seller’s rights on the one hand. It is however also here evident that Web design can be divided into different directions, so that in addition to the simple and plain construction, the normal operation of a shop do not fall into the background. CBS contributes greatly to this topic. So, it can be clear but also that the contents that are entered in the Web design, very simply structured, however efficiently should be built on the other side.

Because however different ways web design are given, can be clear that fashion Web design, between the so-called free also, the modular system can be distinguished. Comparing two versions of the Web design can be recognized, on the one hand, the kit is much easier to build, but the offered programs via different providers that search engine optimization is designed as very difficult. Web design should be noted but also here, that the Web page efficiency should be classified very high, that even the untrained user, who has an easy Internet access to enjoy the new Internet shop. All services in the Internet shop are integrated and functional, can be also clear that in addition to the different conditions various test runs should be performed, also here to secure the smooth running of that also that Internet business will be a success and the Web design can feature the simple but efficient design.

In Brazil

He will be that you this would allow on behalf of the social inclusion! This social inclusion without let us sink in them and in the autoone Of as much sexual perversity does not exist. What in the salute it is this hipocricia, that leaves the things in its due places, Where we can be dirty and to live all our sexual and moral perversity. Who controi a country is its men and women of knowledge and a hypocrisy cream. The power will be always at the hands of the men and women whom the knowledge withholds. Japan, Germany, the United States, if had raised with its men and women of knowledge, certainly we will raise in them, Certainly he will not be with ours bundas, Or he will be that he can have revolutions of ndegas! Ours bundas serves only for the Sexual tourism, so common in the carnival. All good that the capitalism reduced everything the purchase and sales, But we must be More hypocritical, take off ours bundas wonderful Of the medias and places them in a safe Place Where you must enquando we go There until With all our hypocrisy and in the sexual Instincts and we finish in them far from the eyes of our friends to be able, We can until going together, however with all the masculine Complicity That the women not yet know to exert. Brazil has been one of these puteiros for Europeans, Asians, Americans etc Because we have that to be the brothel; not they.

In the carnival I do not know if we are more hypocritical or less hypocritical. What I know is that everything that is forbidden during the year is allowed in the days of carnival, Is of a falseness Says that the canaval is culture! The canaval is an excuse that allows in them to leave, with all the naturalness, Our displayed sex. If the carnival is culture where it is our Mozart, Our Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Our Goethe, our Michelangelo, our Leonardo Of vinci Our Fernando Person, our prize Nobel, Our readers, our Dante Alighieri, our Oscar, our Orson Welles Aleluia! we have Axe of Assis, Drummond and other modernistas. The carnival is allowed by our hipocricia and our cynicism, and used very well for the televising capitalism that transforms everything into money. If you descorda, that she is natural, advise that I ask for the mulata Or the blond one what says the samba plot of its school. He asks for any man if it is filosfo while a mulata rebola They must be weapon of the government, as chacretes had been in the military dictatorship, a time who we do not podiamos to think But chacretas was there, entorpecendo the directions This is the Society of the Pleasure that allows everything that is gostoso Coceirinha of foot animal also she is gostosa, But if you leave them they you eat Who likes delicacies Christian that go to read Franscisco Medeiros.

The popular culture if becomes huge when who is in the Accepted power that these constumes are practised livrementes. Who possesss this autonomy of power can explore and use its favor Everything that the people has as its identity and its characteristic. In Brazil the carnival and the soccer are explored brazenly.

Email Replaces Business Letter

Free email address with mail process emails are considered quick and practical. From business life they are now even less than from the private everyday life. The mail process should now allow the legally-binding communication between businesses, citizens and public authorities. The mail provider informs about the new procedure. Some providers, where users can get a free email address, offer also the de-mail process.

This service in the future should ensure that emails as business letters have reliable and legally binding character. Thus, the same legal certainty would be given as so far only for the traditional business letter on paper for the electronic writing. An email is considered as a business letter, such as the legal form and, where appropriate, the company of the sender, the seat and the name of the company or of the Managing Director as well as, where appropriate, the trade register number and the Court are required. The new de-mail process should above all for a safe Ensure delivery of electronic messages. Thus also letter to authorities or confidential data securely by E-Mail could be placed in the future. Email addresses can be booked to users at Deutsche Telekom and Internet portals like AOL, or Deutsche Post offers its own service so far with the E-letters. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Lower Saxony

A mouse click is enough to fill out the form field or the selected terms. It offers amagno not only the full-text search in different file formats, but allows also the quick capture of structured information for the integrated search and the digital magnets. The information obtained from the click fill are suitable for further processing in third-party systems (financial accounting, ERP, etc.) and serve as a basis for decision making for the control of business processes. At the same time, they are a good basis for the second new highlight of amagno 4, click Find. Click Find: Browsing through the enterprise content the greatest chaos often begins with the filing of information.

Employees are looking for content to different contexts, E.g. to customers, projects or issues, but do not know which folder these are filed. Leslie Moonves often says this. It comes to redundancies and loss of quality in the research. With its digital magnet acts amagno against them Storage problems, because a content is about automatically different topics associated with. In contrast to the file system, the shelf is safe and technically correct. You take into account also scanned documents and E-Mails and finished island solutions.

In addition to the full-text search an entirely new kind has become amagno with the new click-Find, make it easier to find relevant content. Here, in particular the fact was considered, that there are multiple paths to the destination. The employee can decide whether they start a search for a date, file type, or a customer and restrict this each in combinations. Click finding offers starting points for browsing through the content. So that each user can determine its ideal path to the information sought. Click Find help immediately new content. After quick capturing of documents, E.g. via the new click-Fill, these are found, immediately in a research structure without was created only a folder or digital magnetic. Manual creation of structures is thus in almost all Cases no longer necessary. More information can be found on the special page: of amagno: the amagno GmbH & Co KG is a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and document management (DMS) in Germany. amagno small addressed to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as departments, teams and project groups. The amagno software solutions are specially adapted for document management in the SME market and focused on ease of use, rapid commissioning and flexible adaptability. amagno combines more in a single solution management (long term archiving), enterprise search (full text search), and many features from social networking / social media, workflow, scanning, document management, records. The innovative magnets from amagno replace folder and provide an automated mapping files, digitized documents and emails to technical issues of companies. 2012 was the amagno GmbH & Co KG by the Initiative Mittelstand as most innovative company for Awarded the Lower Saxony and rated as one of the best DMS systems out of 2,500 applicants. In addition to the corporate solution amagno enterprise work already thousands of users with the free cloud solution amagno network. More information under: your editorial contact: amagno GmbH & co. KG. Badjatya Donnerschweer Street 52 D-26123 Oldenburg phone: + 49 441 998 645 11 fax: + 49 441 998 645 12 E-Mail: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf tel.: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

IQSol And Ubique Become Partners

Ubique is a new OEM partner of the Austrian manufacturer for safety and alerting solutions OED-ohling / Sailauf, 09 April 2013. The Ubique technologies GmbH is the new partner of iQSol GmbH. As an OEM partner of German cloud service provider of Ubique technologies will use the security – and alarm solutions LogApp and alert messaging server of the Austrian manufacturer iqsol. Ubique thus supplements its range to one on the German market-new security information and event management (SIEM) appliance. LogApp can be monitors and analyzes log data, the integrity of the infrastructure, as well as all system interactions in the company. The alert messaging server complements the solution to a completely customizable Enterprise Alarmierung system for administrators. The iQSol solutions help companies compliant”to be, so that the entire IT infrastructure is manipulation-proof protected and attacks that are comprehensible.

We are of course high demands on a SIEM solution that meets iQSol with their products”, so Christian Nowitzki, Managing Director of Ubique technologies GmbH. It is particularly important that all compliance requirements can be met. Since the requirements will continue to just in the area of IT compliance in the future. Companies, especially banks, finance and insurance, must adjust their systems by 2015, the new directives such as Basel III, Solvency II, to comply with MiFID II and EMIR. The motivation of our developers, to build a new SIEM solution, arose from the application of previously known host-based intrusion prevention systems”, as Alexander Graf, Managing Director of iQSol GmbH.

lack of support of current software versions and common Active components, insufficient support and little ability to innovate against current threats led to this decision. The integration also in-house alerting solution and the three HoneyPot systems arose this unconventional answer to those “” Challenges, constantly by “Hacktivists”, data thieves, spies, and even stray around malware”, Alexander Graf added. LogApp is the focus, to provide specific templates and reports out-of-the-box and to increase at the same time operational security needs in the automation and production environment. The iQSol solutions are as secured cloud service available and available as an app for Android and iOS. More information about the products/products. Ubique technologies Ubique technologies is a German cloud service provider headquartered in Sailauf near Aschaffenburg. The company specializes in cloud-based security and archiving solutions as well as the individual project and solution development of Web-enabled applications. The sales of all products and solutions via distribution partners and resellers. More details under iQSol iQSol not only for proven solutions in the field as an independent manufacturer Business alarm system responsible, but also the LogApp solution since 2010. This SIEM solution, with integrated honeypot modules on request closes the gap in the field of log archiving, log management and event correlation in real time. The iQSol specialists have many years of experience from many IT audits and have comprehensive knowledge of common systems and security management solutions. For more information see. Press contact: saalto Agency and editorial GmbH Berlin Office Alin Fradrich Mulackstrasse 22 10119 Berlin phone: + 49 30/61657167 E-Mail: