PPC Traffic

As we have already seen traffic to a web site in various ways and through different methods or strategies can be obtained. This traffic, we could say that it is divided into two types, free traffic and payment traffic. With regard to free traffic I’ve already written on the subject, so today let’s talk about the second case. Si_bien it is possible to buy it, traffic, can give results very different, there is money from through, does not always guarantee the same result, see because: 1) good (effective) result 2) traffic of lean or low (ineffective) result number 1 traffic: better known as PPC or pay per click, we can get it through various channels: Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN ad CenterASK, and others. Learn more on the subject from Time Warner CEO . Hiring these services you can achieve a specific traffic that is directly linked to the theme of your web site. If your listing are well diagrammed and directed, looking right in the public precise that it belongs to your niche You’ll get quality prospects who may be interested in what you have to offer.

You Landing Page, either that you pretend that they subscribing to a newsletter, to a mini course, weekly report, or whatever, will achieve the purpose. With this method of advertising, you can be sure that the data that you get through your autorrespondedor are real people, they chose to fill out a form. But the interesting thing about this advertising payment method, is that you can measure absolutely everything that happens with such advertising and its partial results. This will allow you to set different campaigns and determine which of them is that better yields, then with a few small changes, either in the diagram of the announcement (title or description) or alternating different keywords, go get new parameters. Shortening: can you know that you get with each ad.


Money Market

Various types of investment funds and hundreds of options there are to choose, of course, depending on the type of asset, your geographical area, the economic sector in which you’re interested, the currency of use or preference, the term chosen either short or long, if the risk is high or low, etc. That’s why all these indicators to make industry funds a steady growth industry. The growth of the investment funds industry also has to do with strategies that the administering and financing companies have implemented to offer public products appropriate to the needs and preferences of the various types of customers, thus achieving their satisfaction. In addition, more and more, you create innovative investment funds for those customers who ask for it and thus continues to grow this industry. The most popular investment funds are those of fixed-income and short-term, also known as Money Market, since they give you the expected results in a lesser amount of time, have a higher dynamism. There are also other successful categories of mutual funds ranging from up to commercial legal category. This diversity is what allows customers to find that specific and satisfactory product that provide the expected results.