10 Major Problems With Chinese Companies

Chinese products become better and remain cheap. Those companies that do business properly with China, it is easy to win a “price war” and capture the market is virtually without a fight, allowing themselves and their Dealers stable income. Somehow, working successfully with China, not all firms in Russia. Why is this happening? In this article, I identified 10 major problems that prevented him from working with the Chinese happy. Search manufacturer. In China there are so many factories that produce a variety of goods. Find among them are really serious producers who will do what you need – not easy. Search real manufacturer. Unfortunately, especially if you are looking for a Chinese manufacturer via the Internet, you can pick the “craftsman-alone, or who sells the product with the real plant, or in a small shop stamps low-quality crafts (or fake, as you like:)). Getting an adequate price. Firstly, the concept of “price” came into mind is not all Chinese. When you request a price the Chinese will require clarification of the purchased product, its characteristics, then the price will be derived for an unknown algorithm. Secondly, this algorithm will give you a price 30-40% higher than actual. The problem of the correct order. What you want from the Chinese do not always coincide with those they understand the order. And they have finally come out – it’s even more interesting. Language. The Chinese language is very difficult for most people in our country is completely incomprehensible. Russian to Chinese, too bad given, so in the absence of good interpreter must be used “language mediator” – English. The transfer of money. To transfer money “directly” needed foreign currency account. Accordingly, we have to use other means of transfer – through intermediaries. Shipping and customs. Delivery problems are well known: the container may come later, can earlier, and can “get lost”. For modular cargoes need to watch more closely, because not all carriers have them very attentive. And when the goods arrive, very sad to watch his stay at the customs warehouse for or improperly executed documents. Sales of Chinese goods. Theme large and vitally important, because Especially offensively, if defective whole party, and the Chinese claim that “everything was fine, but just in the way container is strongly shaken.” Service. Chance to take a guarantee for Chinese products is very small, so you have to to order spare parts (which still need to dovezti in 6.7 problems), or negotiate any additional discounts. In addition, it is necessary to maintain good relations with your clients, who for repairs or replacement of the goods is unlikely to enjoy it. Working with China – it’s big profits at average risk. Is it possible to minimize these risks? First and foremost, it is important to know about them as much as possible and be careful when ordering. Use all possible ways to verify manufacturers in China, and (sometimes this is also required) partners who work with you. Gather information, learn your market (for good sales here in Russia) and are looking for the right producers. These are the first steps that must be done to start a profitable business with China.